40 Turkey Craft Ideas To Create Today

Turkey can be a boring day to kids especially when you are planning to cook nice meals for them at home. This does not need to worry you because just as the way you have many different ways to prepare your meals, you also have different ways to keep your child busy and happy. One of the ways of keeping them busy and happy is by giving them craft materials to craft Turkey ideas.  

In this article, we have 40 best craft ideas that you will surely like. Also , they will favour you economically because most of the requirements needed are around the house or are easy and cheap to acquire.

1. Cereal Box Turkey 

This is a very interesting idea. This cereal box turkey is created by an empty cereal box.  Cover or rather wrap the cereal box with any colour of craft paper you like then stick some feathers listing everyone you would like to thank. 

IMAGE CREDIT: goodhousekeeping.com

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2. Paper Bag Turkeys

Making a paper bag turkey is very eye-catching , especially to kids. In this craft you only need construction paper, feathers and a pair of googly eyes. With these you will be able to come up with a turkey paper bag. When your kids are done, let them put their hand inside and start animatting their pets.

IMAGE CREDIT: magetobeamomma.com

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3. Turkey Balloon

When making a turkey balloon you can either use your own tank or go buy a helium balloon. Inflate the balloon, stick some feathers behind it, use a pair of googly eyes and a construction paper. Put it above your kids’ Thanksgiving table to bring out the theme of the day. 

IMAGE CREDIT: hellowonderfull.com

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4. Turkey Place Card Holders 

Clothespins can make nice holders combined with colourful fall leaves.  

IMAGE CREDIT: heylet’smakestuff.com

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5. Marbled Papers Turkey

Marbled paper turkey is a very unique craft since you paint it to your liking. You need the shaving cream and paint to come up with a marbled paper turkey. After you have paint cut it to feathers and stick it around the constructed turkey.

IMAGE CREDIT: heritagecustombuilders.com

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6. Pattern Block Turkeys

This is one of the best craft ideas you can give your kid to make. Besides making your kid busy it also educates him on shapes and symmetry. Pattern block turkey is made by colourful construction papers cut into different shapes that are symmetry.

IMAGE CREDIT: buggyandbuddy.com

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7. Coffee Filter Turkey

To create a coffee filter turkey is quite cheap because most of the requirements are in the house already. You only need white coffee filters which will be used to make colourful feathers together with water colours .

IMAGE CREDIT: typicallysimple.com

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8. Confetti Stuffed Turkey

You need a white paper bag that resembles a roasted take on a platter. You can cut the confetti from neon construction paper.

IMAGE CREDIT: craftwhack.com

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9. Roast Turkey Pinata

Start by making newspaper strips to paper mache balloons. To make it more exciting add other toys or treats for kids to enjoy after the feast.

IMAGE CREDIT: handmadecharlotte.com

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10. Pinecone Turkey

Pinecone turkey might seem hard to make but it’s very easy once you start the procedure.

You need a pinecone and scrap ribbons which will be used as feathers. For these feathers you can use any leftovers of other projects that you see them appropriate to make feathers.

IMAGE CREDIT: mombrite.com

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11. Handprint Turkey

This craft suits little kids who can’t craft on their own. They just need to hand print on the paper. You can frame the handprint to make it memorable.

IMAGE CREDIT: craftymorning.com

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12. Turkey Treat Buckets

To create a turkey treat bucket you need glue foam, feathers and a pair of googly eyes. Stick them on a metal pail bucket. The good thing about this bucket is that it can also serve as a treat bucket.

IMAGE CREDIT: happinessishomemade.com

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13. Turkey Windsocks

Supplies needed for turkey windsocks are recycled tin can, glue, ribbon and some few construction papers to decorate the craft. 

IMAGE CREDIT: happinnessishomemade.com

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14. Squeeze Paint Pumpkin Turkey

Aside from pumpkins being used in halloween they can also be used in thanksgiving. Your kid just needs to paint the pumpkin and stick some construction papers on it to come up with a pumpkin turkey.

IMAGE CREDIT: hellowonderful.com

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15. Fork Painted Turkey

To come up with a fork painted turkey you just need a fork, cardstock and some paint. It is very simple and it takes less time to make.

IMAGE CREDIT: pinterest.com

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16. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

This type of craft is very economical. You just need an old toilet paper roll and a scrapbook paper. This is very simple to make even to your youngest kid.

IMAGE CREDIT: mombrite.com

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17. Turkey Juice Box

Turkey juice boxes are very interesting to kids. Obviously, they will enjoy drinking their juice from a crafted juice box. To make a turkey juice box you need a juice box, a pair of googly eyes, and a scrap paper. 

IMAGE CREDIT: totallythebomb.com

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18. Clothespin Turkey

This is a simple and less messy craft idea. You just need a clothes pin, feathers, a pair of googly eyes and glue.

IMAGE CREDIT: thesimpleparent.com

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19. Recycled CD Turkey

This craft idea will help you clean up your home since you will be using old CD’s that are not in use anymore. To make this craft you need construction paper, an old CD and glue.

IMAGE CREDIT: makeandtakes.com

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20. Cork Turkeys 

To make cork turkeys you need a wine cork, marker pen, cupcake liners and some decorative accessories. They can also serve as cardholders.

IMAGE CREDIT: everydaydishes.com

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21. Paper Turkey

There are two ways to make paper turkey craft. First you can make it using a printable template. Second you can make it using a brown paper where you cut by yourself into required shapes.

IMAGE CREDIT: easypeasyandfun.com

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22. Printable Turkey Crowns

To make a turkey crown use printable papers. Measure your kids head and cut it appropriately to fit on the head. 

IMAGE CREDIT: printablecrush.com

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23. Pumpkin Turkey

Kids usually enjoy making pumpkin turkey craft. They just need a mini pumpkin and fall leaves to make pumpkin turkey craft. The good thing about making pumpkin turkey craft is that it can be used to decorate the thanksgiving table.

IMAGE CREDIT: momtrends.com

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24. Crayon Turkeys 

To make crayon turkeys you need a sliced brunch of tree, crayons and construction paper. Also , you will need to help your kid slice the brunch of the tree needed. After that your kid can now continue making on his own.

IMAGE CREDIT: pagingsupermom.com

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25. Turkey Finger Puppets 

Turkey finger puppets is a very interesting craft because once the kid has finished making it he can put his fingers through the holes made at the bottom to animate their creation. 

IMAGE CREDIT: artsymomma.com

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26. Bottle Cap Turkey Puppet 

A bottle cap turkey is a very fun toy every kid would love to play with. You need a bottle cap, a pair of google eyes, feathers of different colours and a craft stick to make a bottle cap turkey puppet. Stick them accordingly and see the best toy you can make for yourself.

IMAGE CREDIT: thejoyofsharing.com

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27. Gloves Turkey

 Making turkey craft gloves is very economical since you will use supplies that are easily available in your home. You need winter gloves that are not in use anymore and some feathers.

IMAGE CREDIT: newmexicomarketplace.com

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28. Turkey Napkin Rings

Turkey napkin rings are very easy to make. You need brown felt paper and ribbons of different colours.

IMAGE CREDIT: raegunramblings.com

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29. Turkey Wreath

Turkey wreath craft is very eye-catching to kids. You need styrofoam balls to make turkey eyes and long tulle to represent festive feathers.

IMAGE CREDIT: pinot’spalette.com

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30. Paper Quilled Turkey Craft

The paper quilled turkey craft brings out the charm and beauty of turkeys. Since the paper quilled turkey craft is colourful it will match with the occasion of the day the thanksgiving day.

IMAGE CREDIT: artsycraftsymom.com

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31. Mini Popsicle Stick Turkey Craft

Making a turkey craft out of sticks might seem hard to make. But with the tutorial provided below you will get every step correctly and also you will enjoy every step. Try making the mini popsicle stick turkey craft 

IMAGE CREDIT: craftymorning.com

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32. Thanksgiving Turkey Pop Up Card

This is an appropriate card to give someone on thanksgiving day. You can try making it to give to your family, friends or even schoolmates. Check out the tutorial below for steps on how to make it.

IMAGE CREDIT: pinterest.com

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33. Gobble Gobble Globes

The gobble gobble globes are mostly created during christmas but still it can also fit thanksgiving day. To create one you need glitters, some construction paper and a baby food jar.

IMAGE CREDIT: acowboyslife.com

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34. Wooden  Turkey

Creating place card turkey is very enjoyable. You will need sticks, washi tape, glue and a piece of wood. You will love the outcome of the craft because you can also use it to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

IMAGE CREDIT: keepingitsimple.com

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35. Egg Carton Turkeys 

If you are not using the egg carton in your house this is the best craft you would like to make. You only need to have an egg carton, glue, paint and a pair of scissors. 

IMAGE CREDIT: livingwellmom.com

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36. Stained Glass Turkey

It is very easy to make stained glass turkey. What matters on this craft is how you stick the feathers on the body. Once you get this right you will come up with the best stained glass turkey. 

IMAGE CREDIT: thefashionablehousewife.com

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37. Scrap Paper Turkey Craft

Scrap paper turkey craft is a very unique craft. You need to make mother turkey and baby turkey. Use colourful scrap papers to make it look attractive.

IMAGE CREDIT: thepinterestedparent.com

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38. Paper Plate Tissue Paper Turkey Craft

Here is a pretty craft that you can make easily. You need supplies such as tissue paper, craft paper and a pair of googly eyes.

IMAGE CREDIT: kidsactivitiesblogs.com

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39. Styrofoam Cup Turkey

This is a very easy craft to make. You just need a plain cup and paint it brown then stick the other parts together to make a turkey. Follow the steps on the guideline below.

IMAGE CREDIT: theresourcefulmama.com

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40. Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft

This craft is mostly appropriate to beginners. The cutting and glueing of the parts is very easy to do. Try following the steps given in the tutorial below and see how you will be able to make a good cupcake liner turkey craft.

IMAGE CREDIT: raisinglittlesuperheroes.com

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The designs above help your kid to be occupied while you are busy preparing for Thanksgiving day. Also, they educate your kids on measurement shapes and symmetry. Automatically your kid will become active and have a very sharp mind especially in mathematics. Aside from helping your kid, they also help you to clean the house by using supplies that are not being used anymore and making them into use, for example old CDs. So it is good to pick one of the crafts and try making it.

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