50 Craft Room Ideas Designed For Creativity

Crafting is one of the most interesting hobbies one can venture to. Creating an attractive and conducive environment to work is one of the things that show how someone is dedicated to crafting. It also helps crafters to be organized and allow them to work on projects without clearing space in other rooms first.

Below are creative ideas that can help you design a room for crafting. These are ideas that can help you turn an unused bedroom or store into a fully equipped craft room or look for ways to come up with a spot for crafts in a basement, playroom, laundry room, or other areas in the house. Check them out and see which one favours you most.

1. Modern Crafting Working Area


The traditional wooden table and chair has the appropriate height for someone who wants to work on the table. The table also has cabinets that will make it easy for you to access what you require. This helps to keep the room orderly and neat.

2. A Modern Tailors Office

IMAGE CREDIT: OrganizedInteriors.com

 In this room idea there are large tables that are good enough to lay down a cloth and work on it. Also the room is enough for more than two people to work on. The lockers help one to be more organised and reach working tools easily.

3. Creating More Space


Putting hangers, shelves on walls and also boxes under the table helps to create more room for crafting. They will also help you store your crafting equipment safely. A room that has clear space for sure it has good lighting from outside where it will help the crafter a lot.

4. Creating Temporary Storage

IMAGE CREDIT: Cravingsomecreativity.com

 Temporary storage can be created on walls or under the tables. They help the room to look neat and organized. It also helps you to put your things safe and easy to access them.

5. Creating a Unique Decor

IMAGE CREDIT: Susie Brenner Photography

 Room decor is a very sensitive thing while designing a room. Coming up with a creative and unique decor can help you as a crafter feel the interior of the room and can also inspire you to do many things.

6. Possible Home Office Storage

IMAGE CREDIT: Gathered.com

A portable craft storage cabinet is appropriate whether at home or in the office. It makes the room more attractive. Since it is an open shelf it is easy to arrange large files that are used in the office. It can also be used at home to put on big boxes.

7. Use Impressive Lighting

IMAGE CREDIT: ArchitectureArtDesign.com

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider while designing a room. Impressive lighting makes a room attractive and unique. The lighting should go hand in hand with the colour of the walls.

8. A Beautiful Kids Room

IMAGE CREDIT: DesignCafe.com

This is one of the most attractive ideas on how to decorate a baby’s room especially for a girl. Bright and colourful walls suit best. Adorning it with dolls makes it look better.

9. A Wonderful Traditional Bedroom Design


The design of this bedroom will impress those who like to watch the sun rise. The room has a big door where you can access the balcony. The door also allows enough lighting in the room which goes hand in hand with the bright colours of the wall making the room look lively.

10. Keep Supplies Easy To Access

IMAGE CREDIT: ElleDecor.com

The shelves and the space under the shelves makes it easy to access things without disarranging other items.

11. Include a Table With More Storage 

IMAGE CREDIT: EllorDecor.com

The big table with storage within it helps to create more room by putting things that can fit under the table.

12. Make Colourful Walls

IMAGE CREDIT: SebringDesignBuilding.com

Colourful walls make the room look lively. The walls also describe you as a crafter of what you like to do. Also, the bright walls bring a positive description of yourself. 

13. Be More Organised

IMAGE CREDIT: Californiaclosets.com

Being organised is very attractive. It also helps you to find space that you can work on or maybe even add tables in a room.

14. How To Utilise a Small Area

IMAGE CREDIT: TMooreHomeInteriorDesignStudio.com

A small room should not limit you from doing your craft work. This is an image that can help you utilise a small room by creating narrow but big enough shelves and putting things on top of others. This way you will enough room for crafting

15. Try Decorate Your Table With Flowers

IMAGE CREDIT: InKansasCity.com

Flowers are usually very appealing to our eyes. Especially for those who love flowers you can use them to decorate your room. They are also affordable.

16. Use A Simple Wallpaper Wall 

IMAGE CREDIT: CraftaholicsAnonymous.com

Using a simple wallpaper that matches your furniture looks very attractive. It is a simple way to design a room and it will look elegant.

17. A Simple Way On How To Organise Your Tools

IMAGE CREDIT: CraftYourHappiness.com

White cabinetry offers ample room for storage of equipment. The way they are on top of the table makes it easy to access them. The engineering tools are also hung neatly and stored safely. They are also put in the right position where they cannot harm someone who is passing by.

18. Creating Space In a Small Room 

IMAGE CREDIT: TheSpruce.com

The table created under the shelve can be used as a table or a shelf. Also it makes it easy for the crafter to reach for equipment when they are just above him.

19. Use a Unique Colour

Wall Decoration ideas for your Work Desk making it look more Spacious – Beautiful Homes

The unique colour makes the room look classy. Adding a painting on the wall makes it look more attractive. Also having furniture that matches the walls adds to the beauty of the room.

20. Paint It Green


Using a green theme in a room makes it look simple and elegant. For those whose green is their favourite colour they might consider painting their room colour green.

21. Make It Baby Friendly

IMAGE CREDIT: CutoutsCanada.com

This room is designed to create a proper playroom for a kid. The room has low tables for the kid where he can do homework and projects. The shelves are also big enough to create space for storage.

22. Use Lockers As Craft Storage

IMAGE CREDIT: TheSpruce.com

Sometimes lockers are preferred to shelves. The good thing about lockers is that they are lockable. Especially at the office or in school they help one to store things safely without interference from other people. Using different colours on the lockers also helps the room look attractive.

23. DIY a Wall Organiser 

IMAGE CREDIT: SugarBeeCrafts.com

The decorations on these walls are made at home. They are made from one creative idea. First, you need to paint the walls with a beautiful colour then make the decorations from craft ideas. This will make your room look attractive. 

24. Decorating a Room On A Budget


The room is also decorated with designs designed at home from craft ideas and being creative. They are cheap things that are easily accessible. They make the room look classy and elegant.

25. Try Floating Shelves.

IMAGE CREDIT: CountryLivingMagazine.com

Floating shelves help to create more room. They especially help in storage of equipment that don’t have much weight and can be hung on the wall. They also help the room to look more organised.

26. Built In Beauty


The beauty of this room is the way it is decorated by both ideas from craft and ideas from art. The paintings show ideas from art and the room arrangement show ideas from craft.

27. A Hide Away Room


This hideaway room was converted from an unused room in the house. The room is neatly painted with a simple colour. It is installed with lights and fun that are appropriately put enhancing the design of the room.  

28. Decorating With Paintings

IMAGE CREDIT: HouseBeautiful.com

The painting might look not neatly painted but they are beautiful the way they are since it is their design. The painting board helps you to make the room clean especially if you have kids. Your children can write in that painting without making the walls dirty.

29. Use A Bright Colour On Your Walls

IMAGE CREDIT: Insplosion.com

Bright colours on walls, floors and ceiling show how clean and neat you are. With bright colours you will need to maintain cleanliness, you should not allow any dust to stick. Decorating the room with a few paintings or coloured wallpapers also make the room look nice.

30. Decorating With Art

IMAGE CREDIT: Homes&Gardens.com

A crafted room that is decorated with art looks very impressive. It looks good when you combine art and craft. This room is decorated with paintings from art and the room itself is designed from craft.

31. Use A Music Theme

IMAGE CREDIT: BetterHomes&Gardens.com

Musical themes are also another attractive idea that one can use. Using crafted guitars and other music instruments and hanging them on the wall brings the beauty of the room. Also, the piano adds to its beauty. 

32. Buy Classic And Unique Tables

IMAGE CREDIT: IntentionalHospitality.com

Not only does painting the walls and designing a room make a room look elegant but also buying beautiful and classic furniture. They enhance the appearance of the room.  

33. Productive Nook


This is an area that is not usually used at home, under the stairs. You can decide to convert it to a working area by putting a working table and a shelf to add more storage in the house. 

34. Add A Metallic Accents

IMAGE CREDIT: NextLuxury.com

Metal stools add to the beauty of this neutral-toned craft room. The room is built in with shelves of storage for supplies to keep the space free and easy to clean.

35. DIY projects that are creative

IMAGE CREDIT: BetterhomesandGardens.com

The decorations in this room are mostly traditional. They are made at home from craft ideas incorporating with traditional ideas. Also the wooden stand that serves as a table enhance the  traditional idea. 

36. Try decorating With plants

IMAGE CREDIT: GoodHousekeeping.com

Plants can also be used to  decorate a room. When using plants as decorations, they go hand in hand with one colour in the room. You can decide to use different kinds of plants because they bring beauty to the room.

37. Make A Garden House

IMAGE CREDIT: HouseBeautiful.com

For garden lovers or those who like farming. You can make a small garden inside your house as a way of decorating your home. You just need to build shelves and put plant pots on top of them to acquire your little garden.

38. Use Wood Theme

IMAGE CREDIT: Housing.com

Nature is one of the things that can inspire someone to have an idea on how to design a room. Using a wood theme that makes it appear like a forest is an attractive way of decorating. 

39. Have a Modern bedroom

DIY bedroom design & decor with wall paintings & hanging indoor plants – Beautiful Homes

A modern bedroom is one of the easiest designs to implement. The room is decorated with a simple plain colour. Also the paintings of different plants are hung on the wall adding to the plant at the corner of the room and the plants hung on the windows.

40. Creating a Small Working Area At Your Home

IMAGE CREDIT: DesignCafe.com

You can create a small working area at your home by putting a small table but enough for working in the corner of a room. Also make sure there is enough lighting or you have a lamp so that you can work even at night.

41. Best Organisation desk

IMAGE CREDIT: ApartmentTherapy.com

This is one of the best craft desks that can be used in an office. It makes the office look neat and tidy. It will also help you to be orderly and be able to access things easily.   

42. A Simple Way To Design an Office or a Home Study

IMAGE CREDIT: BeautifulHomes.com

You can use your favourite colour to paint your office or home. Also, you can buy your favourite furniture to make the room to your liking.

43. Candle Lighting a Room

IMAGE CREDIT: StylesatLife.com

Lighting a room can also be used to decorate a room. Hanging containers and putting candles inside them is a very unique way of decorating a room

44. Designing A Music Room

IMAGE CREDIT: Betterhomes&Gardens.com

A music room does not need a lot of furniture. It only needs one or two chairs since they mostly sit on the floor. It also needs shelves for storage of music instruments and music books. The shelves  are designed diagonally to make it look unique. 

45. New Idea On How To Decorate Your Bedroom

IMAGE CREDIT: GoodhouseKeeping.com

Decorating your room with different types of clothes and using different colours on your beddings also looks more attractive than you can think of.

46. Use An Open Shelf

IMAGE CREDIT: MyDomaine.com

An open shelf makes it easy to identify and access things. Like in this picture it is easy to identify the type of cloth that you want and easy to access it without disarranging other cloths. This also helps in making the room look neat.

47. Cool Kitchen Cabinets

IMAGE CREDIT: SmallStuffCounts.com

Apart from kitchen drawers or cupboards, cabinets can also be used. Cabinets are preferred because they are low for someone who is a little bit short can access things even on the furthest end.

48. Hang Laser Cut Metals

IMAGE CREDIT: HomeDesigning.com

This is another way of designing a room away from craft or art. The cutting of metals have many different designs that can be made. You just need to choose the metal that you like then hang it on your wall.

49. Decorate Your Living Room With a Family Tree

IMAGE CREDIT: CountryLivingMagazine.com

Most homes use hung photos that are only framed without any creativity on them. If you want to look unique you might want to consider using this idea of drawing a tree on the wall and then putting photos on the branches. This way your room would be outstanding and also looking elegant.

50. A Kids Room Wall Decor

IMAGE CREDIT: HomeDesigning.com

The bright colour on the wall and the sticking of butterflies attract children a lot. Using a sit and a bedcover of the same colour as the wall brings a lot of uniqueness in the room.

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