20 Types of Craft Paper And How to Use Them

Crafting is a job loved by many. It is worth investing your time and resources to know the types of craft papers so as to come up with the best project.  Each craft paper has its own unique characteristic. They have different colours, weights, coating and textures.Provided you use it in the correct way or in the correct project it will always give you the best.

After reading this article, you will get comprehensive information about the types of craft papers. You will know their characteristics and how they can be used. 

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1. Construction paper

Construction paper is one of the most common papers used for crafting. This is because it is inexpensive and easily available. Also, the construction paper is preferred because it comes in all colours you could ever want. Its characteristics are that the paper has a rough texture which makes it hard to fold or you can easily fold in the wrong shape and its thickness is light to medium. Also, its colour fades with time making it not appropriate to use it to craft into things you would want them to stay for long.  Construction paper is used in arts and crafts projects to make flowers, decorating placements and making of props.

2. Crepe paper

Crepe paper is also another paper preferred for crafting. The paper is affordable and available in most art and craft stores. Crepe paper is usually available in different colours and patterns. There are different types of crepe paper such as the heavy, double-sided or medium weight and light weight. It has a rough texture and it is thin. If you are planning to make floral decor, italian made crepe paper is most preferred. However cheap crepe paper does not last long and can tear easily so they are mostly used by kids for their projects.

3. Cardstock

Cardstock paper is a popular paper used in crafting. It is a type of paper that is available in different colours and different textures. However it does not have a variety of different weights. It is a medium weight paper whereby it is heavier than printer papers but lighter than cardboard. Cardstock is commonly used for scrapbooking, cards, and handmade boxes. Moreover recently cardstock is improved where it comes printed with different patterns and designs on it.  

4. Kraft paper

Kraft paper is usually coarse and it is thick. It is commonly known for wrapping presents. Also, it works well in different crafts. Kraft paper can be bleached or buy already bleached sheets or rolls from the art store.  When bleached it is best in making cards and scrapbooking.

5. Newsprint

Newspapers are very flexible. They can be read, can be used as drawer inserts and also in making different types of crafts. Examples of these types of projects are decoupage, paper Mache projects, decor and sun catcher crafts. Newsprint paper is extremely cheap and easily available. You can easily tear the newsprint and it has a good sturdiness to it that makes it good for paper mache projects.

6. Mulberry paper

A mulberry paper is a paper that is handmade in China. Thin fibres from the Mulberry tree are used to make this Mulberry paper. The fibres are very light weight. Mulberry paper can be used for scrapbooking and collage-making because of its coarse texture and organic look. This paper is among the best craft papers because it is durable.

7. Scrapbook paper

Scrapbook paper is available in different patterns and designs. Some are printed on one side while others are printed on both sides. There are standard sizes available in scrapbook paper which you can always cut into your desired sizes.

8. Origami paper

Origami paper is mostly used for origami projects, but can also be used in other craft projects. This paper is designed on one side and the back of it is plain and simple. Origami paper has a very thin feel which makes it able to fold and hold the shape it is designed to. 

9. Tissue paper

Tissue paper is closely related to crepe paper. It is a thin and fragile craft paper. It is also cheap and easily available in almost all craft shops. The tissue paper comes in many different colours therefore making it useful in many different projects. Examples of projects that it can be used in are like making lightweight decorations, making line gift bags and adding some texture to your paintings or otherwise you use it for different collage-making projects.

10. Decoupage paper

The name decoupage paper comes from decoupage art. Decoupage art means sticking pieces of papers that are cut into different shapes on the object you are working on. So decoupage paper is meant to assist you in doing this work.

Decoupage paper comes with different pictures and patterns on them. It has a very thin weight and a glossy finish. 

11. Vellum paper

Vellum paper is a type of paper that is very thin translucent and has a rough surface. The vellum paper is very unique because it can go through the printer and print whatever you want without destroying it. It is commonly used in invitation cards as a linear, in greeting cards as a minimal new-age or even in scrapbooking. There is another similar type of craft paper to this vellum paper called Glassine paper. It is thinner and very easy to see through than vellum paper.

12. Washi paper

Washi paper is made in Japan and it has the most attractive pattern designs. Because of its designs the paper costs a little higher compared to other craft papers. Despite its high cost, this paper is the most preferred by crafters to do their projects. Its high cost is worth the paper. 

Washi paper can be used in making cards, scrapbooking or any other project that requires an attractive appearance.

13. Poster board

A poster board is a craft paper that has more body into it. They are made thick and also they can stand on their own. They are available in thinner or thicker sizes. Thinner poster boards can be used for costumes and thicker poster boards can be used for signs or school projects. 

14. Printer paper

Printer paper comes in different types depending on the type of printer you own where most printer papers are matte and free from acid. This papers can be used to paint, make floral designs or make any type of shapes used to decorate your home. 

15. Watercolour paper

Wood pulp is used to make watercolour paper, making it have a slightly coarse texture. It is thicker in size and it is mostly used in water based plants and dyes. It is either opaque or translucent and absorbs water well. Watercolour papers are available as sheets or in pad form.

Watercolour paper is made in two ways, either cold press paper or hot press paper. The cold press paper is pressed without heat and it is more coarse. For hot press paper it is pressed with heat taking away its coarse texture.  

16. Transfer paper

Transfer paper is a thin paper mostly used in textile crafts and it comes in rolls. When you want to put an image or a design on a textile surface such as canvas using an inkjet printer you can use transfer paper to put that image on the textile surface. Transfer paper is only appropriate for textile surfaces. For Vinyl projects it is best you use Vinyl transfer paper. Also, suncatcher projects can be made using clear transfer tape.

17. Vinyl 

Vinyl is a type of craft paper that is made in sheets like paper but in real sense it is not a paper. It is a big paper with cutting machines like the cricut or silhouette. Vinyl is sticky and flexible. It has different textures, colours and patterns. Vinyl paper can be used to make labels, window clings, stencils, removable wall decor and other temporary crafts

18. Paper bags

It is the most available craft paper of all. Paper bags are a great option to make kids craft because they are thin. You can use paper bags to make puppets for your kids using the paper bags in your house without incurring any expenses.

19. Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is created in such a way that it has two thin outer layers of paper and a fluted sheet of paper in the middle. This type of craft paper is made from corrugated cardboard making it robust and durable. Corrugated cardboard may be difficult to cut because of how stiff they are. Most crafters use a sharp craft knife and a ruler to get the best cut.

Corrugated cardboard is usually used to make furniture, cars, toy houses, and spaceships. Also, the fluted middle can be used on its own. It can be used to make cards and scrapbooking.

20. Recycled paper 

This type of craft paper was named recycled paper because they are made from re-used paper products. For crafters who love the environment and want to take care of it, they go for this type of paper. Therefore they will reduce environmental pollution and at the same they would have done their projects. Recycled paper can be used to make forms, reports, memo paper and most documents.


To have a successful project in crafting it is best you understand the types of craft papers and how to use them. Some craft papers are flexible that they can be used in any project you are doing but some are made for specific work. So after getting a comprehensive knowledge about them it will be easy to make your projects and more so you will enjoy doing your work.

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